Manitex Brings a 50-Ton Boom Truck

Sept. 28, 2010

The Manitex 5096s has a base rating of 50 tons at a six-foot radius — 25 percent greater than any other boom truck — and meets federal bridge laws riding on a tandem chassis with a tag axle. Introduction of the crane is an early indication that the boom-truck brand is making aggressive use of capital available through its new owner, Veri-Tek.

Veri-Tek president, Andrew Rooke, said the 5096s demonstrates Manitex's commitment to providing customers with innovative lifting solutions.

The 50-ton boom truck comes with capacity charts for fully extended, mid-span and retracted-outrigger configurations. Areas of operation include over-the-rear, 360 degrees, and on-rubber capacity.

The four-section, 96-foot boom extends the maximum lift height to 152 feet. A two-stage offset jib and an auxiliary winch are available as options, as is cab air conditioning. The company is expected to introduce a longer boom for the crane in the second quarter of 2008.

Standard equipment includes a main winch that develops 15,000 pounds of line pull, pilot-operated controls, Manitex's ACCUSwing metering system that allows operator to adjust swing speed up to a maximum of 2 revolutions per minute, ROCSolid radio outrigger control, a CANbus load moment indicator, and cab heater.

Scott Rolston, Manitex general manager, told Cranes Today in late August that the company had sold 29 units of the 5096s, setting single-order records for Manitex with a dealer who followed an initial order for five cranes with a second order for 18 more. Ralston says most of these first 5096s models in the field are going into oilfield work. One customer replaced a truck crane, and plans to lift as much as 40,000 pounds over the back of the crane.

The Manitex's 5096s is expected to have a manufacturer's suggested retail price of about $370,000.


Riding on tandems and a tag axle, the 5096s meets published road and federal bridge laws.
Manitex 5096s Numbers

Capacity: 50 tons @ 6-foot radius

Maximum Lift Height: 152 feet

Boom: 4-section, 96 feet

Winch: 15,000 pounds line pull

Operating Weight: 60,000 pounds