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New Hope, US 55428


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9000 Science Center Drive
New Hope, US 55428

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Adhesive Systems Technology (AST) Corp. is the leader in the design and manufacturing all types of simple, rugged and reliable single and plural component meter, mix and dispense equipment for the industrial and construction markets. For over 25 years AST has built a variety of systems including gerotor, cylinder and rod metering pumps. AST’s complete line of equipment is used for extruding and spraying all types of urethanes, epoxies, polyureas, and silicones and can deliver materials ranging from 1 cc to over 5 gallons per minute. AST builds machines that have fewer moving parts, can be completely air or electrically operated and can pump viscous and abrasive materials up to 1,000,000 cps. AST offers a complete line of standard pumping equipment and custom systems built to your exact specifications.