Digga Mini Loader Auger Drivers for Mini Loaders and Compact Tool Carriers

July 7, 2016

With a maximum theoretical output torque of 2,119 lb.-ft., Digga Mini Loader Auger Drives (1MDS2 and 1MDS4) are engineered for use on mini loaders and compact tool carriers.

The planetary gearbox-driven auger drives will work on auxiliary flows of between 6-16 gpm to accommodate the wide range of units on the market today, and come complete with a unit-specific mounting plate for installation and set-up. The Model 1MDS2 is designed for simple applications with single axis 2-way swing capabilities (FWD-REV), and the 1MDS4 is designed for those applications where dual axis 4-way swing capabilities (FWD-REV-LFT-RGT) are required. Drilling drives are covered by a 5-year warranty on the planetary gearbox, a 3-year warranty on the hydraulic motor, and a lifetime shaft pull out warranty for extra protection.