Dial 511 For Wisconsin Road And Traffic Info

Staff | September 28, 2010

Anyone wanting information about road conditions and traffic on Wisconsin's major highways can now simply dial 511, thanks to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (WisDOT) new 511 Traveler Information System.

The 511 number replaces the state's toll free 1-800 ROAD WIS number. The new system provides more information and also currently has more than five times as many lines, reducing the possibility that a caller will get a busy signal.

It will eventually have more than 20 times as many lines as the old system, virtually eliminating the possibility of getting a busy signal.

"The 511 Traveler Information System is an enhancement that benefits travelers by providing them with more information than they've ever had, not only on Wisconsin's highway system, but other travel modes, as well," said Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi. "By dialing 511, motorists will know what road conditions are like, if there are any incidents or crashes that may slow their travels, and if there are any lane closures due to road construction."