Dexter + Chaney Launches Resource Scheduling Module

September 28, 2010

Dexter + Chaney has launched the Resource Scheduling module for its Spectrum® Construction Software for construction companies.

Spectrum’s Resource Scheduling module features a scheduling board that provides a graphical representation of the location of the company’s equipment and personnel. Dispatchers can use the scheduling board to create new assignments of resources, schedule equipment moves and make changes to existing assignments.

Project managers use it to schedule equipment and employees to arrive at an individual job on a specific time and date. Resource Scheduling automatically sends e-mails to notify employees and vendors with schedule information including date, time, location of jobs, and where equipment is to be picked up and delivered. As an option, the e-mail message to movers can include the estimated duration of the move.

Collecting time for crews and equipment is streamlined. Field personnel enter hours using a Quick Time Entry screen. As they enter the date, crew and job information, Resource Scheduling prompts them with default phases and hours. Information selected there defaults for every crew member assigned to the job.