September 28, 2010

The DeWalt heavy-duty demolition hammers (D25899K, D25901K and D25941K) feature an "in-line design" and are equipped with spring-loaded dust seals aimed at keeping contaminants from entering the tool. The D25901K and the D25941K have a comprehensive electronics package designed to provide the ability to start the tool softly on contact and to maintain optimum performance under load throughout any demolition application. The D25901K also is equipped with a variable impact control dial (19 settings) that allows matching performance of the tool to the specific application and to control the rate of aggregate removal. The hammers use 14- and 15-amp motors. A one-step, 12-position chisel rotation allows repositioning the chisel's angle in 12 different orientations using one hand. The side handle rotates 360 degrees around the tool and has a 150-degree lateral adjustment for providing options for handle configuration.