Demag AC 55-3 & AC-60-3 All Terrrain Cranes

March 7, 2017

Terex Cranes 3-axle AC 55-3 and AC 60-3 Demag all terrain cranes are 60- and 65-ton capacity models, respectively. The cranes have an automated counterweight rigging system for easy and fast setup, a one-engine concept that minimizes operational and maintenance costs, and the IC-1 Plus control system that provides the crane’s maximum allowable lifting capacity, based on the slewing angle, for every crane configuration, making the Demag 3-axle cranes a one-person operation, the company says.

Demag AC 55-3 and AC 60-3 all terrain cranes have a 164-foot single cylinder telescoping main boom. Also, the AC 60-3 can be fitted with a 52.5-foot extension. The main boom on both cranes can be lowered to 5 degrees below horizontal to avoid working at heights for easy and fast setup.

The cranes' outriggers can be positioned independently from each other for efficient positioning, taking advantage of the IC-1 Plus system’s ability to calculate the maximum allowable lifting capacity based on the crane’s configuration. Also, the optional remote control gives the operator the ability to safely and easily rig and operate the crane remotely from the ground.