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Delaware Completes More than 30 Stimulus Projects

August 19, 2009

As of Aug. 12, more than 30 projects funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are either completed, under construction, pending construction or currently advertised for bids. Major projects such as the I-95 Toll Plaza, Dover Transit Center and South Market Street in Wilmington are in various phases of pre-construction from archeology and environmental work to design.

This work has created or sustained several hundreds of jobs to date, and bulk of construction work has not yet begun.

Also, a national report, “The States and Stimulus” report by Smart Growth America and California Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, notes that Delaware is “outstanding” for spreading out ARRA funds on road repair, transit and walking and biking, while criticizing most other states. The report recognizes only three states as “outstanding.”

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