Cushman 1600XD4 Utility Vehicle

May 7, 2014

With two rows of bench seating, the 1600XD4 can seat four people. The 4x4 utility vehicle has a 1,325-pound payload capacity, of which 660 pounds can be stowed in its 14.2-cubic-foot cargo bed. The unit can tow up to 1,300 pounds. A 22 horsepower OHV diesel engine is coupled with an automatic, continuously variable transmission (CVT) with low- and high-gear ratios, a user-selectable locking rear differential which can be engaged in both 2WD- and 4WD-operation, and four-wheel independent suspension. Top speed is 25 mph in high gear and 10.5 mph in low gear. The 1600XD4’s rear differential can be locked in both 2WD and 4WD operation, using a lever on the dash.

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