Cummins C100D2RE Generator Set

February 19, 2018
Cummins C100D2RE mobile generator set is a 100-kW unit

Cummins C100D2RE mobile generator set is a 100-kW unit that uses a Tier 4-F engine: the Cummins QSB5-G11, which does not require a diesel particulate filter.

The C100D2RE has 3 percent better fuel efficiency than its previous Tier-3 counterpart, and the new generator incorporates power output at low load and low ambient temperatures—capable of powering a broad spectrum of markets, says the company, “due to its flexibility in terms of dual frequency, 50Hz and 60Hz, and a voltage-selection switch.”

Cummins provides the Cummins PowerCommand 3.3 with Masterless Load Demand(MLD) technology. The PowerCommand 3.3 with MLD facilitates paralleling, allowing units of different sizes to parallel together. MLD technology adapts the power output of paralleled machines to varying load demand, allowing them to run as efficiently as possible. All major components of the C100D2RE are designed and manufactured directly by Cummins.


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