CTS Adds News Tools, Updated Resources to Its Construction Software Selection Kit

Staff | September 28, 2010

CTS Guides, a leading publisher of construction software reviews and ratings, has released an enhanced edition of its free Construction Software Selection Kit. New software evaluation and implementation tools and updated special reports have been added to the Kit, which delivers a comprehensive suite of products to help construction company owners and managers evaluate and select new software. Included in the free Kit are detailed reviews and ratings for 24 leading construction software packages; a vendor directory with product pricing, support costs and other fast facts; a variety of special reports, including Six Best Practices for Construction Software Selection and new software selection tools for making informed decisions quickly.

Software Selection and Implementation Tools

For the first time since the Kit became available, CTS is including three bonus tools with each Kit download. The Demo Tutorial is a complete guide to effective software demonstrations, providing the industry-specific questions contractors must ask the vendors and why. The Construction DemoScorecard™ is an Excel-based tool to rank vendor presentations. The Construction Implementation Planner is a pre-loaded Microsoft Project template with 650 pre-defined tasks to build timetables, manage staff and control implementation costs.

Free Advice Speeds Shortlist Creation

Construction professionals that download the Kit are also entitled to a free, 10-minute phone consultation with Sheldon Needle, a leading authority on construction software selection for more than 20 years. This consultation is an excellent way for contractors to instantly create a software shortlist, which can save hours or even days of research time. "Over the years, the Construction Software Selection Kit has evolved to meet the changing needs of the market," stated Needle. "Our newest suite of software selection products reflects the growing demand for instant access to useful information. The Kit offers the most comprehensive suite of free resources available on the Internet today."