Craning for Greater Reach

By Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief | September 28, 2010

Stellar 14528
Stellar's 14528 telescopic crane has a rated capacity of 14,000 pounds, and it will lift 2,500 pounds at its fully extended reach of 28 feet.
Radio Remote Control
Radio remote control is standard equipment on the 14528, allowing users to watch operations from the best vantage point while keeping safely out of the way.

Stellar Industries' 14528 telescopic crane is the first in the industry to offer 28 feet of full hydraulic reach, a target set in response to customer demands for more reach and capacity, the company says.

Rated capacity is 70,000 foot-pounds, with a maximum double part line lifting capacity of 14,000 pounds at five feet. It will lift 2,500 pounds fully extended to 28 feet. Other features include hexagonal tube boom construction and 400-degree worm gear rotation.

Another industry first, the company says, is a standard remote control for the crane, rather than offering it as an option. The state-of-the-art, variable-speed radio multifunctional remote control allows operators to move to the best position from which to see the work and the load being lifted, and it enables them to stay safely clear of the operation.

The remote has a variable-speed trigger that allows the operator to feather the crane for precise control. It also allows the operation of up to three functions at once: engine start/stop functions, compressor on/off, engine speed control, and an emergency shut-off.

Customers also asked for faster winch speed, Stellar says, so the 14528 has a planetary winch system offering speeds up to 60 feet per minute. The winch has mechanical and hydraulic brakes for added security.

Security is also addressed with Stellar's Crane Operating Protection System (COPS). This technology measures load, and when coupled with the degree of boom elevation, it automatically limits crane functions to the values on the capacity placard, effectively eliminating overload conditions, the company says. In addition to the obvious safety benefits, COPS aids in extending machine life by keeping it from being operated in debilitating conditions.

List price for the crane is about $26,200, and it comes with a one-year structural and 90-day labor warranty.

14528 Specifications
Crane rating 70,000 lb.
Maximum horizontal reach 28 ft.
Maximum vertical lift 29 ft. 4 in.
Boom elevation -5 to +80 degrees
Stowed height 43 in.

Winch Specifications
Rope diameter 0.5 in.
Line pull speed 60 fpm
Maximum single part line 7,000 lb.
Maximum double part line 14,000 lb.
Lifting capabilities 5,375 lb. at 13 ft.
3,400 lb. at 20 ft. 6 in.
2,500 lb. at 28 ft.