Crane Industry Services Expands Simulations

June 22, 2020
Crane Industry Services simulator training room

Crane Industry Services (CIS) has expanded it simulation training for cranes and earthmoving equipment.

The training center worked with CM Labs to design a new simulation training and demo room that features a variety of portable and full-scale models with operator seats and controls.

“Simulation training using CM Labs’ Vortex simulators allows CIS the flexibility to scale training to the needs of the employer or operator,” said Debbie Dickinson, CEO of CIS, in a prepared statement. “Vortex simulators are effective at helping operators develop skills that transfer to real equipment, making them an efficient and objective method for training and qualifying operators. “We have been using Vortex simulators since 2016,” she said. “As CM Labs’ products have evolved, CIS has increasingly integrated simulation training into operator qualification and certification programs. CIS subject matter experts quickly recognized that simulations add great value when part of a well-planned, disciplined, integrated training system.”

Said Drew Carruthers, director of product strategy for CM Labs, in a statement:

“We’re delighted to work with CIS experts to make simulation-based training available to a wider audience. We know from experience that Vortex simulators result in operators that are better prepared for today’s work sites.”

The simulation training and demo room includes the Vortex Advantage full immersion 5-display system, and the Vortex Edge Plus, a desktop simulator that is ideal for introductory training. “These simulators have the added benefit of enabling crew training exercises for team learning, such as multiple crane operators for tandem lifts, signal person and crane operator communications, or excavator and articulated dump truck scenarios where operators of both pieces of equipment must work together,” said Dickinson.

Source: Crane Industry Services