Craig Worrell, CEM

Mass Excavation

Craig, equipment manager for Mass Excavation, built its shop facilities from a 30x60-foot tent in 2007 to a 60x100-foot shop in 2008, and then to today’s 70x120-foot maintenance facility.

“Craig excels at promoting our shop hands into the union positions, either through the Laborer or Operator halls,” says Carl Swanson, vice president. “Through the training that they learn at our facility and under Craig’s watchful eye, he is shaping the future equipment industry personnel.”

Education: Associates Degree, University of Alaska-Fairbanks; Certified Equipment Manager, AEMP.

Professional accomplishments: Attaining Volvo Master Guild Mechanic certification and retaining top-quality shop hands. Most of my guys have been with me over 7 years.

Off the clock: My wife and I travelled to Italy to see our son who was stationed there with the Air Force. We had not seen him in nearly a year, and he had grown tremendously as a person in that short period of time. When we flew back to the United States, we were able to see our daughter and son-in-law (who is also in the Air Force) and received some special news: Our first grandchild was on the way. Best vacation ever.

Extracurricular: Industry volunteer at the Mat-Su Technical School Career Days and at the Construction Career Days in Palmer. I also volunteer with the University of Alaska Anchorage, providing input to students in the Construction Management Curriculum.

Fun fact: For the past 31 years, my family has operated the Potato Palace booth at the Alaska State Fair. We have sold over 300,000 potatoes since 1984.