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Continental HSC 3, HDC 3, and HAC 3 Construction Truck Tires


Tires, On- and Off-Highway

A Continental Generation 3 construction truck tire.
Continental Generation 3 construction truck tires are for on/off-road or mixed use applications.

Generation 3 construction truck tires for on/off-road or mixed use, including the HSC 3 steer/all-position tire, HDC 3 drive tire, and HAC 3 all-position tire, are targeted to construction, cement, utility, and other applications.

Tire-monitoring system standard

All three tires come factory-equipped with the company’s tire sensors for digital monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, and are covered by a 6-year, 3-retread warranty. Continental says it chose to pre-equip these tires with sensors due to the inherent benefits of tire monitoring in the on/off-road environment.

During the off-road portion of the construction application, tires are more susceptible to cuts, chipping and chunking, and punctures. Additionally, the tires operate under heavier loads in a limited radius, meaning there is considerable starting, stopping, braking, thus causing heat build-up, especially in warmer regions during the summer season. This is where it is critical, according to Continental, to ensure that tires always have properly maintained air pressure and to monitor internal casing temperature.

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