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A wider deep rib design provides Continental's new HSU2 heavy-truck steer tire with increased tread life.

August 01, 2009

Continental HSU2 Heavy-Truck Steer TireAlong with an enhanced bead design enabling load-carrying capacity of 10,000 pounds at 65 miles per hour, a wider deep rib design provides the new HSU2 heavy-truck steer tire with increased tread life, says manufacturer Continental. A cut- and tear-resistant compound results in 17-percent more wear volume than the predecessor HSU – heavy steer urban – tire for use on waste haulers and construction trucks. Using a series of sipes at graduated tread depths spaced equally around the tire's shoulder ribs, Continental's proprietary visual alignment indicator system allows for easy detection of wear difference. A patented stone-ejection system reduces casing penetrations and tire cracking.

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Designed for use mainly regional roads, Continental’s HTR2 all-position wide-base tire for construction vehicles offers 20 percent more wear volume than the original HTR thanks to a wider tread pattern and an increase in tread depth.

Built to combat wear and tear created by rough and unpredictable roads, Continental’s HDR1 (Heavy Drive Regional) tire features a robust cut- and chip-resistant compound for long, even wear and durability, and stone ejection technologies which reduce the retention of stones and penetrations to the tire's casing.

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