Construction Robots to Reach 7,000 by 2025: Forecast

May 8, 2019
Tractica says more than 7,000 construction robots will be deployed by 2025

More than 7,000 construction robots will be deployed by 2025 in a variety of construction and demolition tasks, according to Tractica. The annual market for such technology will reach $226 million, it predicts.

Tractica’s report, “Construction & Demolition Robots,” suggests that most of the machines will be robot assistants, infrastructure robots, structure robots, and finishing robots.

“At this early stage in the construction robotics industry, a few companies are offering products for sale or lease,” said senior analyst Glenn Sanders in a press release. “The main categories that are currently available include robots for demolition, bricklaying, drilling, 3D printing, and rebar tying, plus a few exoskeletons and assistant robots for lifting loads.”

The report says companies are using robots to solve the labor shortage and “reap the benefits of improved speed, efficiency, safety, and profits.”

Source: Tractica