Stellar Industries’ new Model 6521 telescopic crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds and features the Stellar CDT (Crane Dynamics Technology) system, which, says the company, “is designed to engage and communicate with the crane operator by using multiple sensory indicators when approaching maximum capacity,” such as colored LED lights and pulsating vibration transmitted through the hand-held remote handle.  Some Stellar CDT systems allow the operator to use a Boost Mode for operating at 118 percent of the crane’s normal operating capacity for a short period of time. The CDT system also has the ability to function in a “safety mode” when a safety feature is damaged or malfunctions. The 6521 has a boom articulation of -10 to + 80 degrees.

A quick-release, snatch-block stow hook on the underside of the boom facilitates releasing and stowing the snatch block. When the boom is raised to 60 degrees, the design allows the snatch block to gently release, “ensuring a safe and orderly deployment,” says the company. The new crane model fits well with the Stellar TMAX 30K steel and aluminum service bodies, says the company. The combination of the 6521 crane and the TMAX 30K aluminum service body, says Stellar, “provides one of the lightest service-truck packages in the 6,000-pound-capacity range.”