Iowa Mold Tooling Co. (IMT) has introduced its new 6000-Series hydraulic telescopic crane and
Dominator I mechanics truck package. According to IMT, the new package increases the payload
capability of the Dominator I mechanics truck unit by approximately 1,000 pounds and also
makes available a wider range of options.

Designed to reduce weight and to offer the ability to carry more payload without sacrificing
performance, the new 6000-Series crane is 30 percent lighter than its predecessor model. The
redesigned crane lifts a maximum of 6,000 pounds and features corrosion-resistant components
to mitigate rust. A redesigned boom tip, says IMT, provides added placement accuracy and
greater maneuverability.

The 6000-Series crane was designed to mount on a re-engineered IMT Dominator I service
truck. The new Dominator package, says IMT, is available with “payload-increasing” options,
including a compact work-bench bumper and a redesigned, lightweight, customizable bolt bin.
The new package also is available with the CAS40PL air compressor, which features an
aluminum canopy that reduces weight more than 40 percent, compared with the previous model.