Elliott Equipment E190 Aerial Work Platform Reaches 202 Feet

Sept. 30, 2015

Elliott Equipment and Utility One Source have developed the new E190 E-Line aerial device in response, say the companies, “to industry requests for a taller, more efficient, higher capacity work platform.” The new E190 conforms to ANSI A92.2 standards for vehicle-mounted rotating aerial devices and is exempt from OSHA’s trial-lift and proof test requirements, “thereby increasing efficiency without sacrificing safety or compliance with federal regulations, says the developers.

The E190 features a 202-foot working height with fiberglass jib extension and extends 190 feet with a fully powered boom. All functions are monitored by a work-envelope management system that senses lift cylinder pressures, boom length, and boom angle with a hydraulic lockout safety feature. Additional features include a work area definition system designed to allow the operator to set jobsite parameters around obstacles or hazards.

Summary of key features and options:

  • 190-foot working height with fully powered boom
  • 202-foot working height with electrical isolating jib extension
  • ‘EZ-Crib’ outriggers provide 30 inches additional penetration to reduce cribbing
  • 36x72-inch hydraulic dampening yoke platform with 1,200-pound capacity
  • Hydraulic tool circuit with 10,000-psi intensifier in the work platform
  • Wireless proportional controls with hard-wired backup
  • 30,000-pound material handling capacity
  • Nonmetallic load line for reduced weight
  • Optional electric isolating platform yoke
  • Optional heated and air conditioned lower control cab