Grove GHC55, GHC75, GHC130 Telescoping Boom Cranes

Jan. 21, 2015

The Grove GHC series telescoping boom crawler cranes includes models GHC55, GHC75, and GHC130. Produced by Sennebogen, each crane can pick and carry at 100 percent of their load chart and swing loads 360 degrees.

The Grove GHC55 has a 55-ton capacity and 100-foot main boom. The total crane length with boom retracted is 35 feet 3 inches, and width is 11 feet 6 inches; it is 10 feet 8 inches high.

The Grove GHC75 can lift 77 tons and has a 118-foot main boom.With the boom retracted, the crane measures 42 feet 6 inches long by 10 feet 6 inches wide and is 10 feet 5 inches high.

The Grove GHC130’s lift capacity is 132 tons, and main boom length is 131 feet 11 inches. The crane, with boom retracted, measures 50 feet 4 inches long, 12 feet 11 inches wide, and 13 feet high.