Pettibone Extendo 1544X telehandler

April 5, 2023
Latest in X Series

The Extendo 1544X Pettibone telehandler has a maximum lifting capacity of 15,000 pounds, with maximum lift height of 44 feet. Maximum forward reach for the telehandler is 29 feet.

The X Series telehandler has a 117-horsepower Cummins QSF3.8 turbo diesel mounted onto a side pod, which makes components and daily service checks accessible. Ground clearance is 19 inches, and the fuel tank holds 30 gallons. Foam-filled tires are standard.

In the X Series, formed boom plates provide the boom structure with greater strength while reducing weight. The design also minimizes boom deflection for better control and accuracy when placing loads.

An external, bottom-mounted extend cylinder reduces the load on wear pads by up to 50 percent. The cylinder location provides improved service access to internal boom components. Fastener-less wear pads also simplify service, and heavy-duty extension chains help to ensure stable boom functions.

Cylinder cushioning dampens the end of strokes—both extending and retracting—and also help to prevent the potential spilling of a load. The 1544X uses a single lift cylinder that improves operator sight lines and has twin hydraulic lines for tilt and auxiliary plumbing.

The operator cab includes ergonomic seat, pedal, joystick, and steering-wheel positions, and optimizes lines of sight in all directions. An analog/LCD gauge cluster comes standard, and an optional 7-inch digital display with an integrated backup camera is also available.

Pettibone Extendo 1544X Specifications

  • Max load: 15,000 lb.
  • Max lift height: 44 ft.
  • Max forward reach: 29 ft.
  • Power: 117 hp
  • Operating weight: 32,050 lb.
  • Turning radius: 14 ft. 4 in.