Manitou MTA series telehandlers

March 15, 2023
Telehandlers have been redesigned

Manitou MTA Series telehandlers are designed to meet the needs of North American construction markets and rental sectors. The 74-horsepower 642 offers a maximum lift 42 feet 6 inches and reaches 28 feet 6 inches with 6,000 pounds.

The largest in the line is the 127-horsepower MTA 1255 with offers a maximum lift of 55 feet 7 inches and 42 feet 3 inches at 12,000 pounds. 

The telehandlers have been redesigned, placing the engine perpendicular under the hood, resulting in what the company calls Access 300 which allows a service tech almost totally unlimited access to engine components. Manitou product manager Steven Kiskunas says the new engine configuration will save owners service time and money.

Manitou’s new cab has a nice shin-saving feature with a curved cutout on the cab step that gives the operator a clear view of the step as he climbs out of the machine.