Zoomboom Boosts Overhead Capacity To 5,000 Pounds

Sept. 28, 2010
What Carelift calls a "single sidewall frame" accommodates a mid-mounted engine and lowers the step into the Zoomboom 10056's cab.

Carelift revamped its 10,000-pound Zoomboom 10056 telehandler with what the company calls a "single sidewall frame" to accommodate a mid-mount engine and to lower the step into the cab. It replaces the ZB10055. The new machine can raise 5,000 pounds to its maximum height¡ª1,000 pounds more than the 10055¡ªand stretches taller by 10 inches than its 55-foot predecessor.

Only Gehl and Ingersoll Rand field over-55-foot machines that can lift more weight to their maximum height¡ª5,500 pounds and 6,000 pounds, respectively. And the Gehl machine's maximum height is 55 feet 1 inch. Pettibone's 10056 Extendo can lift 8,000 pounds to 56 feet, but it is likely to cost $10,000 more than the Carelift's value-priced Zoomboom.

Carelift retained Cummins power (the 110-horsepower 4BT3.9 turbo) but chose a four-speed powershift transmission from Clark's T-16000 series to replace the three-speed used in the 10056's predecessor. And Dana's 213 front and rear axles, with inboard wet-disk brakes, improve the four-wheel-steer machine's turning radius. Frame leveling can be controlled up to 8 degrees of tilt.

The ZB10056 is one unit in a lineup of six models ranging in capacity from 6,000 to 20,000 pounds with lifting heights from 32 to 56 feet. The new frame and engine mounting were introduced first on the 6,000-pound ZB6042 and 8,000-pound ZB8044.

The ZB10056 puts 10,000 pounds of capacity within the reach of a lot of buyers. Differences between manufacturer's list prices suggest that you'll pay on the order of $5,000 more for any other telehandler with similar capacity and lift height compared to the Zoomboom 10056.

Zoomboom vs. the 56-Footers Model Rated Capacity (lb.) Max. Lift Height Capacity (lb.) At Max. Height Horizontal Reach Weight (lb.) List prices suggest that the ZB10056 is the lowest-cost unit on this list of 10,000-pound machines that can reach 55 to 56 feet high. Specifications are based on information provided by manufacturers and by Spec Check. Carelift ZB10056 10,000 55¡ä 10¡å 5,000 41¡ä 0¡å 32,400 JLG G10-55A 10,000 55¡ä 0¡å 5,000 42¡ä 0¡å 32,800 Gehl DL-10H 10,000 55¡ä 1¡å 5,500 40¡ä 9¡å 28,460 Gradall 544D 10,000 55¡ä 0¡å 5,000 42¡ä 0¡å 33,570 Lull 1044C-54 10,000 54¡ä 0¡å 5,000 45¡ä 0¡å 31,100 Ingersoll Rand VR-1056C 10,000 56¡ä 0¡å 6,000 41¡ä 6¡å 31,500 Terex TH1056C 10,000 56¡ä 0¡å 4,000 40¡ä 0¡å 31,200 Pettibone 10056 Extendo 10,000 56¡ä 0¡å 8,000 42¡ä 1¡å 32,350