The S3215L lightweight electric scissor lift is designed to deliver the same heavy-duty durability of a construction-type electric slab scissor lift, says the manufacturer, but is “strategically designed” to deliver a significantly lower overall weight and floor loading, compared with a conventional scissor lift. This design was achieved, says Snorkel, by using lighter-weight materials where appropriate, such as aluminum, without compromising stability and durability. With a maximum working height of 15 feet, the S3215L weighs 2,100 pounds and has a floor loading of 195 pounds per square foot at maximum capacity of 670 pounds.

The TM16E is an electric-drive model that incorporates a zero inside turning radius and a roll-out deck extension as standard. The 2,360-pounds TM16E reaches a maximum working height of 22 feet and has a platform capacity of 500 pounds.