Magni RTH 10.37 Telehandler

April 18, 2024
Capacity at maximum height is 17,600 pounds.

Model RTH 10.37 Magni telehandler is a rotating model, with a lift height of 120 feet 5 inches and maximum capacity of 22,700 pounds. Capacity at its maximum height is 17,600 pounds.

The patented outrigger system provides the machine with an intuitive automatic leveling function accessible through the digital display. The technology dynamically adjusts the load chart based on outrigger configuration, ensuring operators operate within safe limits during rotation and lifting tasks, according to the company.

The digital Load Moment Indicator (LMI) system uses RFID-tagged attachments to update the load chart digitally for precise load management. Load-Limiting Technology prevents operators from surpassing safe operating parameters, according to the company.

Full-color touchscreen display provides access to machine-management software.

Magni RTH 10.37 Telehandler Specs

  • Lifting capacity: 22,700 lb.
  • Lifting height: 120’ 5”
  • Capacity at max height: 17,600 lb.
  • Reach: 100’
  • Power: 238 hp @ 2,300 rpm
  • Operating weight: 74,516