Grove GMK4070L all terrain crane

Nov. 3, 2022
Grove GMK4070L has a capacity of 70 tons

The GMK4070L Grove all-terrain crane has a capacity of 70 tons and a 197-foot boom that can lift 4.4 tons fully extended. At 157 feet, it can lift 8.3 tons, and at maximum radius of 151 feet, the capacity is 1 ton.

Up to 253 feet of maximum tip height is available when a 49-foot swingaway jib is added as an option.

At a configuration of 16.5 tons per axle, the crane will carry 17.8 tons of counterweight, just shy of its full 19-ton complement. With 12 tons per axle, the crane will carry up to 13.3 tons of counterweight, and for 10-ton- per-axle configurations, it will be able to travel with 5.3 tons of counterweight.

A Telma retarder packaged in the carrier design will reduce the risk of overheating and overall wear and tear on the conventional service brake system. The frictionless, maintenance-free Telma braking system remains effective even after the engine is switched off, or when the gearbox is in neutral, ensuring full braking power is available, regardless of the crane’s speed.

The Grove CONNECT digital platform provides owners with real-time access to fleet data, including instant insights into the crane’s performance. Service technicians are supported with remote, optimized troubleshooting, reducing the frequency of onsite trips and strengthening preventive maintenance programs.