Demag AC 80 4 All Terrain Crane

Jan. 28, 2021

Demag AC 80 4 all-terrain crane is 80-ton crane with has a main boom measuring 196.9 feet long. With the boom fully extended, the crane can lift 6 tons at a radius of 45.9 feet, and 10.7 tons at a radius of 32.8 feet.

A 21.3-foot main boom extension can be offset by 25 degrees or 50 degrees. Its capacity is 26.2 tons.

Total length for the crane is 39.9 feet, the carrier length is 34.8 feet, and the height does not exceed 12.6 feet.

The crane can handle a counterweight up to 19.5 tons, and it can transport 10.3 tons of the counterweight itself.