[VIDEO:] The Newly Patented Bi-Directional Telehandler

Feb. 10, 2023

Pro-Tech Group has announced its patent award from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a 180-degree rotating cab Class VII variable reach type telehandler ("bi-directional loader").

Pro-Tech Group has also chosen Roush Industries to complete a feasibility study and build a working prototype for pilot testing in Q4 2023.

"Having a machine of this kind in the logistics and construction industry is long overdue," says Earle B. Higgins, CEO of Pro-Tech Group. "What is in the market serves its purpose. However, due to the size and mechanics, current machines present significant safety concerns for the operators and surrounding workers when moving forward and backward. We believe the number of telescopic loader-related incidents, injuries, and deaths reported across the globe to be considerable enough for a product like ours to be utilitarian. Our bi-directional loader will improve worksite safety and the speed of handling cargo and other items."

The core workings of the bi-directional loader are to allow the operator to swivel the cab 180 degrees to face the direction in which the loader is traveling. The mechanics eliminate driving the loader in reverse while looking over the shoulder and entirely relying on a spotter, side and rearview mirrors, and sensors. The bi-directional loader enhances visibility and offers better maneuverability around tight construction sites and cargo distribution centers. 

"We could not be more excited to have the bi-directional loader go to market soon. Not only will it improve our container system, but a variety of companies and industries will benefit from this innovation. Our patent also allows us to explore the mechanics of the rotating cab on other machines and we will implement the technology where it is considered necessary," says Higgins.

Source: Pro-Tech

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