Liebherr LR 1700-1.0 Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

May 23, 2022

The LR 1700-1.0 Liebherr crawler crane replaces the LF 1600/2. Track width is larger at 28.5 feet, and the length is now 37.24 feet.

The boom can be raised to a height of 650 feet, comprising the main boom at 335 feet and a luffing jib at 315 feet. These lattice sections enable the crane to be used in purely main boom mode with a length of up to 531 feet.

Liebherr Optional Quick Connection means that the transport weight of the slewing platform (without the SA frame and winches) can be reduced to around 46 ton. The same applies to the crawler carriers, which, with their 6.5-foot crawler pads and 4-fold drive, weigh 47 tons.