Manitou M 40 RT Forklift in 2WD, 4WD Versions

May 15, 2015

The Manitou M 40 rough-terrain vertical-masted forklift has a maximum lift height of 19 feet 6 inches and maximum loading capacity of 8,179 pounds. The Manitou forklift is available in 2- and 4-wheel drive.

A 74-horsepower Perkins Tier 4-certified engine reduces fuel consumption by 13 percent, the company says, and delivers 235 lb.-ft. of torque. Ground clearance is 12 inches.

A load accumulator is standard equipment on the Manitou forklift and prevents shock and vibration for affecting the load, Manitou says. An oscillating rear axle and wide-stance front tires provide stability.

The new side shift mast is designed with one shaft for smoother shifting, moving the mast 3 inches to the left and 3 inches to the right. The side shift carriage will add additional hoses, but will shift 4 inches in either direction.

Manitou M40 Forklift Specifications

  • Capacity at 24 inches: 8,179 pounds
  • Maximum Lift Height: 19 feet 6 inches
  • Power: 74 horsepower
  • Turning Radius: 10 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 15,695 pounds