JLG Hi-Capacity HC3 range of articulating boom aerial work platforms now includes 400, 600, and 800 series models. The mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP) feature three capacity work zones, based on the weight carried on the platform.

All models offer 750- and 1,000-pound restricted capacity zones. The 400 Series, 600 Series and 800AJ JLG boom lifts also offer a 660-pound unrestricted capacity zone, and the 800S and 860SJ have a 500-pound unrestricted capacity zone.

The 400 Series includes the 40-foot platform 400S HC3 model and the 46-foot platform 460SJ HC3 model. The 600 Series includes the 600AJ HC3 and 600S HC3, each with a 60-foot platform height, and the 660SJ, with a 66-foot platform height. The 800 Series includes the 80-foot 800AJ HC3 and 800S HC3, and the 86-foot 860SJ HC3.

A load sensing system limits operation of a machine when the platform is overloaded, automatically keeping operation within the allowable work envelope. The zero-calibration system on all HC3 models eliminates the need to use external weights to calibrate the lift.

New LED displays improve visibility of the platform and ground consoles during operation. The displays sense ambient light conditions and adjust brightness accordingly, helping maximize visibility and operator comfort. Additionally, a chassis tilt alarm alerts the operator when the machine is on a slope that exceeds five degrees.