For a number of years, the rugged, utilitarian SkyTrak product line has been the largest selling brand of telehandlers in North America. It was purchased by JLG Industries earlier this decade. SkyTrak’s strong unitized steel frame, industry-leading stability system, widely used attachment system, and straightforward controls add up to a utilitarian machine designed to be simple,  reliable, and easy to service and operate. Five models make up the SkyTrak lineup; JLG displayed the 6042 at the Equipment Showcase. In the cab, two joysticks are used for operation. The first is for standard boom functions: up/down and telescope in/out. The second is for attachment tilt and 10° frame-sway, left and right. A third joystick in the cab controls the standard auxiliary hydraulics. Joysticks and controls are cable operated and full pressure hydraulic. JLG believes this setup allows the operator to feel more of the boom movement. The Equipment Showcase unit featured an enclosed cab. With this option, the right and back window open up for ventilation. In the cab, the adjustable suspension seat comes standard. The SkyTrak 6042 uses a ZF-supplied, four-speed modulated powershift transmission, and the ZF theme is continued on through to the axles. The drivetrain is powered by a 99-hp Cummins QSB 4.5-liter turbocharged engine and turns a variable flow, load-sensing gear pump. The engine lies within the frame as far to the rear as possible. This position contributes to the machine’s counterweight and holds the GVW to 24,050 pounds. Access is available from either side via a pair of adequately sized lift-up panels. If necessary, the engine can be extracted by a forklift through the back of the frame. A hydraulically activated, wet-disc system with four independent brakes is located inboard between the differential and planetary drives. Although the fuel and hydraulic fill are located next to each other on the side of machine, the hydraulic fill has been placed underneath a bolted-down cover to prevent cross contamination. In standard configuration, 6,000 pounds can be taken to its maximum height of 41'11" and 1,400 pounds to its 27'11" full forward reach. Rear axle stabilization activates when the boom is raised above 40°. Axle movement is slowed, but frame sway operates at full speed. Depress either the service or the park brake or place the transmission in neutral and the rear axle locks in its current position, but frame sway still operates normally. JLG’s new common coupling system was modeled after the SkyTrak TRAK-Attach system. Attachments that fit all models include standard carriages, side-tilt carriage, 90° and 180° swing carriages in various sizes, sheet material adapter for various carriages, 8-foot mast, various sizes of buckets, as well as a grapple bucket, a fork-mounted work platform, and a fork-mounted lifting hook. While this attachment system is prevalent in the market, SkyTrak recognizes it can’t control what attachment might be used on its machines. Therefore, it provides a full set of quick-reference load charts in a flipbook format for virtually all commonly used attachments. --Lift & Access