Manitou MT-1745 HSL Turbo

Sept. 28, 2010

ManitouEven if you didn't know the Manitou MT-1745 HSL telehandler was built in Europe, you would still find its appearance unique. No matter the product, European styling is distinct.

Even if you didn't know the Manitou MT-1745 HSL telehandler was built in Europe, you would still find its appearance unique. No matter the product, European styling is distinct.

Manitou has long been at the forefront of producing modern, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomically sound equipment. Designed with utility in mind, Waco, Texas-based Manitou North America has incorporated three important features into the MT-1745 HSL. First is its low-mounted boom placement — something developed in Europe, where it is very much the norm there and virtually the rest of the world.

Next is the placement of the operator's seat. Sitting high in the panoramic cab, visibility is excellent when the low-mounted boom is in the stowed position.

Last is the boom's design. The MT-1745 HSL was the only product at the event using a 100-percent hydraulically extended boom — meaning there are no chains or sprockets to inspect, tension, or replace. This also makes this unit a true tool handler. When fitted with an optional digging bucket, the Manitou is capable of delivering 15,430 pounds of breakout force. To help cope with the stress of this force, the chassis is made up of a very robust box-frame design. Another feature that helps fulfill the tool-carrier philosophy is the 124° head rotation, which better handles buckets and grappling attachments. Additionally, the boom structure is strengthened through the use of a two-piece unitized design with welded C channel sections.

A top-mounted, main-extension cylinder extends out the second- and third-stage boom tubes, while an isolated, internally mounted cylinder works the tip, or fly, section. Stabilizers must be down in order to extend the tip section. The maximum lift height is 42′10″ with the stabilizers up, and with them down, the MT-1745HSL can reach its full 54′6″ maximum lift height. An interlock with pressure sensor ensures the outriggers are properly loaded before the tip can be deployed.

One thing that jumps out on this machine is how nice the operator's seat is. The fully adjustable suspension seat is as nice as the one in your car. The single, large multifunction joystick is perfectly positioned, and control labeling is clear and precise. The MT-1745HSL also is equipped with a wheel-alignment indicator light, which informs the operator when the rear axle is properly aligned with the front.

Unique to the event is the unit's side-located, transversely mounted engine. The Perkins 1104C-44T turbocharged diesel sits at right angles to the frame. Extra insulation limits the amount of engine noise that emanates from under the fiberglass hood. Servicing is made easy as the transverse mount provides equal access to both sides of the engine. An electrical fan cools a remote-mounted oil and coolant radiator.

Power is transferred seamlessly by a Rexroth hydrostatic transmission with four forward and reverse speeds, which are achieved by utilizing a driveline splitter. The splitter is employed to keep the engine rpm up — for maximum hydraulic oil supply to powered attachments — when a slow ground speed is desired. A pair of Parker variable-displacement gear pumps supplies a massive 54 gpm for all non-drive functions. Again, the extra flow capacity supports this purpose-built tool handler's capabilities.