Tadano AC 5.250-2 all terrain crane

Oct. 23, 2023
Tadano all-terrain crane has a maximum capacity of 300 tons.

The AC 5.250-2 Tadano all-terrain crane has a maximum capacity of 300 tons. The 230-foot main boom can be extended by 138 feet with a HAV main boom extension, making it possible to reach a system length of 367 feet. All available main boom extensions from 19 feet to 118 feet are self-rigging, with no assist crane required.

The AC 5.250-2 all-terrain crane can self-assemble its total counterweight of 88 tons in three lifts: 54.7 tons with a full 360-degree radius of up to 20.3 feet followed by two lifts of 16.7 tons, with each split into 11 and 5.7 tons for mounting on the right and left sides of the base package. The counterweight can also be split into smaller pieces, making it possible to pick up the 6-ton base plate from a distance of up to 66 feet  across the full radius.

The IC‑1 Plus crane control system is a touchscreen-controlled system that determines the maximum lifting capacity in real time for every boom position as a function of the superstructure’s slewing angle. The AC 5.250-2 outriggers can be extended asymmetrically to 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% positions.

The Surround View camera system option uses six crane cameras to show a computer-assisted diagram of the maximum possible extension lengths for the outriggers at the crane’s current location.

TailGUARD active backup assist system uses two ultrasonic sensors to monitor the area behind the crane when backing up and works regardless of ambient light conditions. It shows the distance from stationary and moving objects in the monitoring area on the cab’s monitor, plays an acoustic warning before reaching obstacles, and will stop the crane itself if there is a risk of collision. The backup assist system is automatically activated the moment the crane’s reverse gear is engaged.

The 522-horsepower Mercedes-Benz diesel engine provides maximum torque of 1,917 lb.-ft.