The Construction Chart Book Available Online

Staff | September 28, 2010

The fourth edition of The Construction Chart Book: The U.S. Construction Industry and Its Workers will be made available as a free download at The book, published by The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), contains copious research data on construction economics, demographics, employment/income, training, and safety and health issues. Information is presented in a series of 50 topics, each with a description of the subject matter and corresponding charts and graphs in the 152-page soft cover book.

Users will have access to all 175 charts as PowerPoint slides. Clicking on the chart in PowerPoint produces the detailed raw numbers behind the charts and the online version in PDFs will have hot links to all references.

This edition features topics and information not covered in previous editions, plus a special emphasis on the surge of Hispanic workers in the U.S. construction industry. A new page covers construction workers' use of health care services — Hispanic versus non-Hispanic, as well as insured worker versus uninsured.

Other topics include the total cost of construction-related injuries and illnesses, descriptive statistics on construction worker blood lead levels, data on respiratory disease, and new findings on chronic illnesses and health risk factors among construction workers (diabetes, obesity and heart disease). An expanded index and glossary, plus an informative section detailing issues in data collection and usage, are helpful to researchers and industry observers.