Const. Data Report Reveals Trends for 2021


Construction equipment working on site.

WorkMax’s 2020 Live Field Data Report covers field data’s role in safely reporting, data analysis, labor tracking, and more. 

According to the report, 66 percent of owners are still using paper and spreadsheets for field data collection, and 53 percent of owners use three or more apps to collect field data. Human entered data is full of inaccuracies and incompatible data that doesn’t allow easy comparison or management.

About 49 percent of all managers wait a week or longer to see labor hours actuals. This delay does not allow managers to control their workforce, limiting the effectiveness of labor budgets and productivity.

Only nine percent of firms with 5,000-10,000 employees have access to live labor. 49 percent of all contractors wait a week or longer to see actuals by cost code. 

Nearly 66 percent of safety managers don’t receive instant safety reports. Safety managers are not able to effectively track employee health screenings. When appropriately tracked, COVID-19 exposures and outbreaks can be effectively curtailed or avoided.

About 50 percent of owners expect a 30 percent or higher increase in form completion with live prompts during clock in or out. Using live field data gives management easy to use strategies to engage the workforce in accurate and timely data collection. More information leads to more efficient decision making. 

The collection of live safety data increases as the size of the company increases. 69 percent of smaller companies do not receive live safety reports. 

Only 21 percent of respondents have access to live equipment and any tools data, and 52 percent don’t use any application or software to track tools and equipment. 

Over 50 percent spend 20 percent or less time analyzing their field data. It’s likely due to the use of paper and spreadsheets and makes it difficult to improve outcomes.