CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 Education for Asset Managers

September 27, 2019
Fleet managers attend a Conexpo education session.
Fleet managers attend a Conexpo education session.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 educational opportunities for fleet asset managers span several areas. See below for what's offered during the March 10-14 Show.


9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

The Fleet Maintenance Journey: The Importance of a Robust Fluids Management Program Learn proper fluid storage and handling is a baseline requirement for any maintenance program you want to improve. Understand the cultural change required to improve your maintenance program has to be done in incremental steps. Know that better quality lubricants can be the impetus and enabler of behavioral changes, but won't be a magic bullet by themselves. Discover how analysis of used oil is an essential metric in today's environment to measure maintenance program performance.

Key Metrics for Monitoring Asphalt Plant Performance Understand key performance metrics to monitor an asphalt plant. Learn how to apply these metrics to improve plant operations. Know the financial impacts of metric measurements.

Drill and Blast Improvement Project Using Photogrammetry, GPS, Drill Navigation Systems Learn how a drill and blast optimization program can improve primary throughput. Know how to reduce secondary breakage and fines. Understand how to improve efficiencies with loading and hauling of shot rock.

Seasoned But Not Too Salty - Young Leaders Discussion Learn about the success of real young leaders and their personal stories. Understand the generational differences in leadership style and work culture. Discover how to succeed as a young individual in the industry."

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Gamification in Fleet Management Systems and Forms digitization Learn how gamification can be integrated into a Fleet Management System See how providing feedback to all employees is key to achieving their best performance results Understand how gamification promotes commitment, teamwork, and improved safety results.

Making Data Useful: A Telematics End User's Journey Know how to receive buy-in from all stakeholders, from the C-Suite to Field Operations. Understand how to approach data and programs with the result in mind. Learn how Branch Civil has streamlined data and technology in a Situational Awareness Room (SAR).

Gen Z: Finding Your Future Workforce Discover what is Generation Z: Motivations, Values and Communication Styles  Learn best practices to attract and recruit Generation Z into the workforce  Find out social media and online presence tips

Crane Inspection - How do you do that? Learn about questions that can be asked of inspection companies pertaining to "how do you inspect this?" Understand inspection techniques and special inspection equipment. Gain knowledge on what is acceptable and what is not in regards to the regulations placed on the replacement of operational aids.

Crushing 101 Learn about the different types of primary and secondary crushers. Understand the pros and cons associated with the different types of crushers. Get to know what site conditions to consider when choosing crushers and how to optimize the process given a particular crusher.

Plant Operations - Baghouse Operation & Maintenance Learn how baghouse/fabric filter collectors are designed to operate. Understand what the best operating practices are for maintaining proper dust to binder ratios in asphalt mixtures. Know what routine maintenance items exist to keep them operating flawlessly.

Earthmoving with pull-type scrapers: Maximizing efficiency and profits Understand the evolution of the pull-type scraper and the economics  Learn about the configuring process for varying jobsite conditions Find out about the future and industry trends

1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

How to Manage a Crane Accident Learn how to assist Emergency First Responders. Discover how to Identify and Preserve Evidence. Develop Techniques to Safely Recover and Remove Damaged Cranes and Equipment.

The Future of Electric Machines on the Worksite  Learn how megatrend of urbanization is driving the need for electric machines on the worksite to increase machine versatility, efficiency and serviceability.  Understand that technology will be the key enabler behind these developments and the catalyst for changes in the jobsite.  Find out how electric machines will be used indoors and outdoors and how they will take advantage of conventionally located charging stations.

Screening 101 Gain tips to help existing screening operations. Gain an understanding of future plant expansions.

How To Be a Construction Leader Worth Following Learn about team leadership and the keys to creating an inspired team. Understand how to communicate in ways that allow their brains to listen. Find out how to grow your teams effectiveness and their desire to create success for the organization.

How to Optimize Walk-Around Inspections Know what a walk-around inspection should include beyond normal undercarriage inspections. Learn proper fluid handling techniques and procedures to use during and after inspection. Discover troubleshooting tips for known problem areas with regard to coolant maintenance and air intake inspections.

3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Using New Technologies in Asphalt Paving Learn two new technologies to help you achieve consistent quality pavements. See how real contractors are using these technologies. Apply these technologies to your own operation.

Managing Crane Ground Bearing Pressures Understand methods to determine ground bearing capacity Identify methods of properly distributing the crane ground bearing pressures. Such as types of Crane Mats, Soil Improvements, Piling and Cement Slabs Learn about protecting Underground Utilities. Know the uses of a Ground Penetrating Radar.

Best Practices in Equipment Maintenance: Learning from the Fleet Masters Best practice trends from fleet masters over the past three years in public and private fleets How to overcome common challenges to change 17 different areas of fleet management to focus upon and ensure a well-rounded fleet.

Screening 201  Learn about the interaction between screens and crushers and how that affects production and gradation.  Gain a better understanding of the types of screens offered and how to choose the right one for their application.

How to Select Lubricants & Coolants Discover how to establish a bullet-proof program. Learn about hydraulic fluid selection, facts vs. myths. Understand differences in gear oils:  50wt gear oil vs 80w90 vs synthetics. Know about different greases:  NLGI 1 vs NLGI 2, moly vs. non-moly, synthetics vs conventional.

Key Elements of Life-cycle Cost Analysis Explanation of the factors such as acquisition, depreciation, resale value, and maintenance cost. Understand how companies can only pay for the part of the equipment/fleet they use and the depreciation factors. Gain insight on how where and when the resale market is a value and not a risk. Learn about the different products such as loans and leases, and how they directly impact the life cycle cost including calculation tools.

The Value of a High Performing Equipment Manager Learn what innovative equipment management can mean to a company’s success. Identify ways to marry mechanical/machine knowledge with business skills to effectively realize the benefits of machine data. Discover why a high-performing equipment manager must be in your C-Suite.

How to Evaluate Cost-Reducing Technologies See examples of how digital technology helps equipment managers .Learn processes for evaluating how new technologies makes sense for your organization. Work through a practical example of how to calculate the return on investment


9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

Best Practices for Inspecting and Connecting Your Rigging Discuss a variety of industry specifications, such as working load limit and load angles  Troubleshoot common problems with common equipment Perform a hoist/sling loading exercise

How To Create Productive Conflict & Effective Resolution Identify the three key elements present in every crucial conversation Understand why avoidance occurs and how to improve your crucial conversation skills Gain the tools you need to master this critical leadership skill.

My Brain Made Me Do It: Understanding the psychological drivers of employee behavior  Discover how to approach safety from a place of curiosity versus compliance.  Understand the various personal and cultural drivers on decision making. Learn how to utilize tools to help identify and navigate the levers of change.

OSHA Trenching and Excavation: How to Protect Your Employees Learn about different dangers of trenching operations. Understand Soil classification Know what constitutes a 'competent person.’ Identify the three S's of protective systems and the 12 specific requirements.

Attracting and Training Your Workforce: Operating Engineers’ Innovative Solutions Understand how the construction industry aligns with Gen Z preferences. Learn how WOE reaches over 800 students every year in 2 days. Explore the innovative online pre-apprenticeship curriculum for high school students developed by WOE and IUOE. Hear personal stories from labor and management on how their combined efforts result in increased interest from Gen Z.

Planning for Success Describe elements of tactical execution and the steps to good planning.  Recognize how root cause analysis can help prevent mistakes from reoccurring.  Understand the unintended consequences of their actions and the impact on those around them.

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

How To Become A Customer-Focused Business Hear about practical examples of real-world successes and failures in changing organizational culture. Learn unique approaches to translating customer engagements into strategic growth investments.  Examine methods for sustained, long-term cultural growth in innovation and differentiation.

Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Construction Technology Discover how industry leaders & early adopters view emerging tech solutions. Gain an understanding of the evaluation metrics for the unique needs of your organization. Know how to position your team to learn, elevate knowledge and cultivate expertise and increase engagement across all levels of your organization. Learn how to evolve from a productive construction team today to a productive construction team prepared for the future.

Best Practices for Oversized Cranes & Specialized Carrier Permits Review all changes to approved methods of oversize/overweight loads Troubleshoot common mistakes and problems Discuss techniques and methods for adapting to these changes"

Federal Agencies and Safety Regulations:  A Peek Over the Horizon Gain insight on the safety issues these panelists believe are likely to impact construction safety and health between now and CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.

The Future of Asset Management & Liquidation: New Strategies for Maximizing Returns Understand the evaluation process. Learn the product lifecycle from a liquidation stand point.

1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

Equipment Operator Best Practices Gain an understanding of the recommended best practices to maximize efficiencies of wheel loader, dozer, trucks and excavator operation.  Learn about safety and proper pre-operation inspection processes.

How To Build a Diverse, Multi-Generational Workforce Understand how to effectively communicate across generations and motivate a rapidly changing workforce by defining diversity, inclusion, and the generations working in the industry. Discover what role the Baby Boomer, Gen-Xer, and Millennial play in a collaborative environment. Learn how to create a welcoming environment for women, minorities, and young inexperienced employees by nurturing the necessary changes in the workforce.

Leading People; Managing Tasks Understand the difference between leading and managing. Recognize the importance of managing yourself in the success of leading others. Describe how to create an environment to nurture motivation.

3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Jobsite Safety: A Survivor's Story Learn that an accident only takes a second to happen and a lifetime to overcome.  Understand the importance of damage prevention. Know what safety procedure to follow to prevent devastating accidents.

When the Price is Right Learn how new data from fuel distribution sites can help identify potential savings for your organization. See an example of how you can track fuel purchases and refueling operations over time and demonstrate significant savings for your company. Learn how a non-traditional equipment management professional used accounting practices to take on the challenge of fueling a fleet and found a new career.

Practical Technologies for Paving and Compaction Learn what industry experts recommend for updating your paving and compaction processes. Find out how to use currently offered technologies to get the best result for long life, smoothness and low cost paving projects.  Understand how using these technologies can help your company stay competitive over the long-term.

Qualifications in the Crane Industry: What Does it Take? Learn the comprehensive route map of what to do to ensure that you are in compliance with the law and with the best industry practices. Understand the differences between training, certification & evaluation. Find out the options available and the conditions that apply to each.

Past, Present and Future: The Truck that Built America Gain perspective on how past developments impacted today's mixer truck development.  Understand how the role of the mixer truck impacts the growth of the commercial construction business.  Gain an appreciation of the engineering skills used in the truck's physical evolution.

Online Auctions Vs. Traditional Auctions: How to Buy and Sell Learn how to evaluate your equipment.  Understand how to develop a marketing program.  Find out more about opening and absentee bids.


9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

How To Manage Rising Equipment & Rental Costs Find out the Total cost of Rental Transparency Discover that Utilization = Productivity (labor included) Learn how to implement a Driving Adoption (Culture Change)

People Not Policy Driving Safety Discover why compliance driven efforts do not mean a safe workplace.  Identify areas  in management styles to change and adapt to make safety about people, not regulations. Learn how to implement safety and communication techniques to move towards a safer workplace.

A Construction Tech Odyssey: From Today to 2025 Learn how technology and automation are affecting our industry. Learn how they can improve projects, companies and personal careers utilizing new technology. Get a landscape of the  current and upcoming technologies to evaluate which might work best with your teams/projects.

Maximizing Conveyor Performance-Industry Standards vs. Real World Application  Learn how conveyor belt construction and quality is designed to operate on a conveyor structure. Understand rated tension versus operating tension and how to calculate both. Know how to diagnose and resolve transition distance violations. Participants will acquire expanded troubleshooting knowledge of conveyor operation."

Maximizing Shop & Facility Efficiency Learn how to apply work standards for scheduling resources, work-sites, IT, and facilities cost, and work to reduce expenses. Understand the primary objectives of preventive maintenance inspections, the role they play in shop productivity, and how to implement an inspection program that suits your organization. Determine the steps you can take to develop an effective and affordable preventive maintenance program and a more efficient shop.

Constructing Opportunity with Veterans Military demographics and candidate profiles. Attracting, engaging and retaining military talent. Opportunities for veterans in the construction industry. Service Technician program case study.

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Getting the Most From Crane Rental Agreements Know and discuss key contract sections and state-by-state differences. Learn how the elements provided by each party can change how a court views agreements. Understand and discuss the future of crane rental agreements.

Safety Training Ninja  Learn five ways to make training easier and more exciting. Understand learning objectives that not only meet your company’s safety needs but that you can actually prove you achieved. Find out how to make compliance training actually interesting."

Conveyors 101 Gain an understanding of conveyor systems. Learn about conveyor belts.  Understand how different conveyor components work and how they affect your plant's performance.

1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

Life and Death Cycle: How To Identify Engine & Transmission Failure Learn about different Failure Modes (material, method, machine, manpower) Understand Engines & Transmissions  - Failure Modes / Root Cause  / Corrective Actions Discover Methods & Manpower - Failure Modes / Root Cause  / Corrective Actions

Developing a Driver Safety Culture with Real ROI Understand the challenges we have seen & how to avoid them. Learn about SMP case study results and how to apply them tomorrow. Know the best practices for your operation to implement today.

Your Internal Equipment Triangle: The Key to More Successful Fleet Management Identify the role and responsibilities of Operations, Fleet and Finance within your internal equipment Triangle. Know how to utilize the “three green lights” approach to decision-making with your fleet. Understand how to align your equipment management process, structure and reporting with your company culture and philosophy. Discover how a collaborative approach to fleet management results in effective and efficient decision-making as demonstrated through real life examples.

Why Do Crane Accidents Happen? Learn about crane turnover, dropped load or boom/jib collapse causes. Explore primary responsible parties to enhance future lift planning. Understand the responsibilities of the various parties involved in ensuring safety.

Renting vs. Buying Equipment Benefits of a Data-Driven Approach Understand the differences between renting and buying.  Know the chief rental benefits, including simplicity and elimination of downtime.  Learn about potential interest deductions and tax advantages. Discover how to minimize equipment maintenance, moving and servicing costs. Find out how data can help determine anticipated depreciation of equipment and average holding costs.

Taking the Voodoo out of Automatic Grade & Slope Control Learn how automatic grade and slope controls work. Understand how to setup grade sensors, sonic averaging skis, drag skis and slope control for smoothness, joint matching and some unique applications. Know how to use automatic grade & slope control in commercial paving situations.

3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the Future of Work: Are YOU Ready for the New Realities? See examples of how VR and AR are used to make training more engaging, effective, and even fun.  Learn how this technology does already and will continue to affect the workforce.  Meet the developer of a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality enhanced equipment training system and ask your questions!

Lift Planner - Putting the Puzzle Together Learn about common problems with load control and rigging scenarios. Give real life examples for attendees to solve.

Why Certification Matters: Safety’s Competitive Advantage and the Value of Certification  Learn about the transportation industry's only ANSI accredited Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals™ (SCTPP) program and how the certification can give you the competitive advantage.

Drones on Construction Sites  For All Contractors Learn how to select and buy a drone Know how to properly collect, utilize, and store data. Discover how to create accurate maps and provide valuable data.

Maximize Your Spend: Procurement and Acquisition of Equipment Learn the elements involved in keeping fleet costs low and risks to a minimum when acquiring equipment while cultivating productive relationships. Understand how to increase your organization’s competitive advantage with the best fleet assets in place for the job.  Discover how to utilize guidelines and your goals to design the most effective negotiation strategy.


9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

I'm a Manager! Now What? 11 traits of effective managers Learn about the 11 traits of successful blue collar managers and supervisors.  Know how to prepare and develop your managers for success.  Identify the changes that occur when they become managers or supervisors.  Understand the special case of the working supervisor.

How Telematics Improve Uptime with Actionable Data  Learn how filtering machine alarm codes down to only those that require a specific action Understand how to generate simplified fleet utilization reports which quickly identify improvement opportunities Know how to set specific goals for work/idle percentage and reduction of “machine misuse issues” which will generate significant operating cost reductions.

Optimizing Fleet and Asset Management with Usage-based Equipment Financing  Understand equipment financing trends and outlook - regulations, technology adoption and how to use this to your advantage.  Learn ways equipment financing can add value to your business model. Discover how to unlock new revenue opportunities and partnerships.

Technology in Earthmoving - 3D Constructible Models and Automated Machine Guidance are Changing the Way We Work Learn ways that contractors are changing their workflows.  Understand how to measure the productivity impact of automatic machine control.  Discover industry-leading performance and versatility.

Autonomous Haulage: Lessons Learned from Surface Mining This course looks at the history of autonomous haulage in large surface mining operations, considers lessons learned over the past 12 years of commercial deployments, and presents current best practices for successful implementation of autonomous haulage technologies in varied customer environments.

Preventative Maintenance Learn how to determine the right equipment to apply preventive and predictive strategies. Learn how to develop KPIs around the preventive and predictive maintenance strategies. Learn how to select the proper predictive techniques. Learn how to perform a cost analysis according to the asset value. Learn how to establish a corrective action plan according to data.

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Electronic Inspections: A Universal Communication Tool Learn about the key points of electronic inspections. Understand the multiple end use cases that benefit from electronic inspections.

How Autonomous Construction Machines Will Revolutionize the Construction Industry Learn about the developing industry trends in automation and autonomy. Understand the technologies required to make a machine operate autonomously and the different levels of autonomy that will exist. Find out about the opportunities and challenges that autonomy will bring to the civil construction industry.

Opioids in Construction Find out the impact that opioids have in the workplace and how employers can work to prevent and address substance use disorder.  Learn how to navigate the opioid treatment and recovery landscape.  Understand how to reduce stigma and other barriers to successfully addressing opioids in the workplace.

How Grade Control Impacts Earthmoving Productivity Learn about the difference between 2D and 3D grade control and the advantages of grade control. Understand the cost of investment vs how long before you get a return. Find out about operator productivity benefits.

1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

Maximizing Equipment Uptime and Availability Through Advanced Analytics Learn about challenges that can be addressed by using analytics to provide insight from data that can be captured during the equipment's lifetime.  Understand the multiple areas of value and benefits that can be created for heavy equipment users.  Discover how to derive key performance indicators and metrics to better understand equipment condition, reliability, performance, use and safety. Know how to examine fleet level metrics that can be used to understand and make decisions at a fleet level. Understand the importance of discipline data collection, categorization and time stamping.

How Technology Improves Paving: 3D Machine Control and Beyond Discover how office software can predict problems in the field before they happen. Learn how automated machine guidance works to improve efficiency and smoothness in the field. Discuss ways in which logistics tools integrate with the paving machine to maximize the efficiency of the crew.

Fatigue in the Work Place Learn how fatigue is a human factor that affects most of the American workforce. Understand that fatigue decreases your productivity and increases your risk of accident and injury .Find out how fatigue is costly for employers- an employer with 700 employees can expect to pay about $1 million annually for tired employees.

GPS on the Jobsite: What You Need To Know (Panel Discussion) Gain an overview of the GPS tech available for the jobsite. Learn how to properly train and equip crews for GPS usage. Understand how to efficiently use the data collected to push productivity.

3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

DPF Cleaning: Protecting Your Tier 4 Investment Learn how each component of an aftertreatment system works and what problems or pitfalls you should anticipate. Find out what methods are used to clean DPF filters and the pros/cons of these methods.  Understand what warning signs your operators should report early and what to do when those warning signs appear.

How to Apply Leasing Structures to Reduce Ownership Costs  Hear how usage-based leasing structures are changing the equipment acquisition game.  See examples of applying new leasing structures that can reduce ownership costs and keep operations happy. Learn why the market is moving toward new financing models and how these new options can benefit your company.

How to Delay/Prevent Rope Twist and Cabling from Rope-Sheave Interaction Learn and review common problems that cause rope twist. Discuss important solutions for tackling rope twist and cabling phenomena.

Drones and Construction: A Smarter Future Know before you fly! - Learn about the regulatory aspects to consider before starting a drone program. Know how to select the right drone hardware (cameras and sensors). Understand drone data storage and data management. Know how to use your drones survey data to its full potential.

Service Application Through System Performance Identify the do's and don'ts and how to properly balance a system by making the correct choices with wear parts and settings etc.  Learn some of the best maintenance practices and how to develop a good maintenance program which includes documentation of historical data.