Concrete Pavement Projects Win Awards

Staff | September 28, 2010

The American Concrete Pavement Association named the recipients of the 18th Annual "Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards," the concrete pavement industry's highest order and most prestigious recognition of quality.

The awards recognize the contractors, engineers and owners whose efforts yielded the best pavements in airports, highways, and street and road applications in 2006, as determined by an independent panel of judges.

The awards program cites Gold- and Silver-level projects for quality, efficiency, smoothness, reduced costs, and for minimizing road-user delays. Two projects in Construction's region won Gold Awards.

Commercial Service and Military Airports: presented to Hi-Way Paving, Inc. and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the Primary Taxiway and East Parking Apron Pavement Replacement at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia.

Contractor Hi-Way Paving, Inc. earned top honors from the United States Air Force for this airfield project, the reconstruction of the Primary Taxiway and East Apron at Langley Air Force Base. The U.S. Air Force awarded Hi-Way Paving, Inc. the rare and prestigious 1st Civil Engineer Squadron Coin for outstanding performance and timely completion on this project.

Hi-Way Paving, Inc. initiated and implemented a re-phasing plan to complete the project at this high profile military facility with a high quality concrete pavement. The plan eliminated two phases of work, allowing the contractor to complete the work under a non-negotiable 60-day timeframe.

Using a fast-track approach, the contractor also worked closely with the Corps of Engineers and the Air Force to construct an additional 30,000 square yards of apron area within the project schedule, a key reason for the overall success of the project. The 17.8-inch taxiway pavement and 17-inch apron pavement constructed on this project are of the highest quality and appearance, and all pavements met or exceeded contractual specifications.

Divided Highways-Urban: presented to Lane Construction Corporation; the North Carolina Department of Transportation's Resident Engineer's Office; and the North Carolina Department of Transportation's Pavement Management Unit for the project on U-31-1 C&D — I-64 Reconstruction in Cary, N.C.

Keeping traffic moving was of particular importance for upgrading the existing 40-year-old pavement on U.S. 1/64 in Cary, N.C. Commuters were already faced with frequent traffic backups due to the pavement's deterioration. So ensuring this project's smooth and on-time completion was essential. The NCDOT with contractor Lane Construction Corporation used design-build and aggressive phasing to make the reconstruction of the original four-lane segment and addition of two lanes a smooth process.

The NCDOT used this project as an opportunity to try a number of industry innovations. This project marked the first time the agency specified the use of a Shilstone mix design and used the maturity method for the first time. These innovative practices saved time and money, while supporting 90,000 motorists per day without a detour route.