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TerraTec Industries

TerraTec Industries, Inc. has developed the highly innovative AggreScreed – a bulldozer attachment used to rapidly lay gravel for roads, runways, parking lots, etc. without the use of stakes and does so in a single pass while minimizing gravel segregation and breakage. Attachable to virtually any straight-blade bulldozer (125-250 horsepower recommended) the 16-foot AggreScreed blade adjusts to 24 feet in two-foot increments. It’s capable of laying gravel at depths from zero to 15 inches and can create up to a three-and-a-half percent crown. The AggreScreed can reduce gravel lay down labor by up to 60% with precise material control and has proven itself by putting down 18,000 tons of aggregate in a single day with a two-man crew.

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320 County Road 241, Ste. 101
Westcliffe, CO 81252
Toll-free: 877-302-2111
Phone: 719-783-2111
Fax: 719-783-2104



TerraTec’s AggreScreed dozer grading attachment offers a stakeless process for spreading gravel on road grades.

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