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OEM Data Delivery

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10 Controls Dr.
Shelton, CT 06484
Phone: 203-929-8431



OEM Data Delivery recently launched its ST-576-M, an RFID engine meter that captures and securely transmits data for use in maintenance planning, service and utilization data.

The MiniPOD Fuel enables contractors and fleet managers who distribute fuel from pick-up bed transfer tanks, fuel cubes, bulk tanks, and remote tanks to gain real-time control over how fuel is dispensed, and how it is accounted for.

OEM Data Delivery’s Mini-Pod allows owners or foremen to capture and use critical information from individual machines.

OEM Data Delivery Multi-Pump is a wireless, paperless technology that identifies each vehicle, its location, and the fluids dispensed to it.

ST-950 Service Tracker from OEM Data Delivery has GPS and radio communications.

CE-Construction Telematics,CE-Electronic Grade Controls GPS and Laser,CE-Software Equipment Management,CE-Vehicle Dispatching Systems,CE-Wireless Machine-Information Systems
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