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Nye Manufacturing Ltd.

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3585 Mavis Rd.
Mississauga, ON L5C 1T7
Phone: 9058972311
Fax: 9058972312




No cutting, welding or extra hydraulics required with Nye Manufacturing's 8-foot parallel-link stick extension.


Originally conceived for ripping shale in the Canadian Maritimes, Nye Manufacturing's Mother Of All Rippers (MOAR) excavator attachments are built with additional steel plates.

Independently-adjustable shanks allow dozer operators to shorten or lengthen the shanks on the DR3 "triple" ripper from Nye Manufacturing as required.


The latest model in an evolving line of mechanical pulverizer attachments from Nye Manufacturing, the XCP3 incorporates a biomimetic crushing jaw modeled after “bone-crushing wolf teeth,” featuring canine fangs for grasping and puncturing material while at the same time protecting the nose plate.


Built entirely from extra-thick quenched and tempered alloy plate, Nye Manufacturing’s XSH5 heavy-duty stump harvester attachment features an oversized replaceable “tiger tooth” with improved geometry for splitting wood both with and against the grain.

CE-Heavy-Duty Demolition Grapples,CE-Attachments,CE-Attachments for Compacting,CE-Booms and sticks,CE-Backhoe & Excavator Quick-Attach Couplers,CE-Scrap Grapples,CE-Brush Grapples (Light Duty),CE-Buckets for backhoes and excavators,CE-Wheel Loader Buckets,CE-Loader Quick-Attach Couplers
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