Lista International Corp.

Lista International Corp. designs and manufactures innovative modular storage and workspace systems, including drawer storage cabinets and mobile cabinets; a wide range of workbenches and workstations (including industrial, technical electronic, height-adjustable and assembly/light manufacturing workstations); Storage Wall® Systems (combining drawers, shelves and roll-out trays); and other unique solutions.

Lista creates productive working environments. With customized solutions that exactly suit your specific needs and free design services, Lista products maximize space to make your business more productive. Lista's storage and workspace products are designed for maximum versatility and flexibility; provide the greatest possible density, organization and access; are sturdy, secure solutions, constructed from the highest quality materials, and are built to last; and are ergonomically designed with the user in mind, allowing for easy, safe access with a minimum of stress and strain.

Company Info

106 Lowland St.
Holliston, MA 01746, US
Toll-free: 800-722-3020
Phone: 508-429-1350
Fax: 508-626-0353

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