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Hydrema US Inc.

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229 Peachtree St., N.E.
Ste. 1010
Atlanta, GA 30303
Toll-free: 8774493736
Phone: 4046141747
Fax: 8002549481



Based on its 912 HM articulated dump truck, Hydrema 912HM flatbed ADT has a 1.6-foot extended rear half with a built-in tipping frame.

With a larger, redesigned cab featuring computerized displays including onboard diagnostics, the D-Series version of Hydrema's compact 912 articulated dump truck features an electronic speeder in place of the old throttle cable. A two-axle ADT with a payload of 22,000 pounds, the 912D is also available in a MultiTip model featuring side-dump capability.

CE-Earthmoving,CE-Articulated Dump Trucks Off-Highway
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