Ecopave Systems Inc

Ecopave Systems Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Pyrotech Holdings Corp), pioneered the two stage hot-in-place asphalt recycling process. Ecopave currently manufactures the revolutionary Ecopaver 400 two stage hot-in-place asphalt recycling system. The patented system (sometimes referred to as a “train”) consists of a pre-heater, two self-propelled heater/miller units and a pugmill. Following the train are a conventional paver and rollers. The Ecopaver 400 not only performs the recycling of existing roads to exacting standards, it also incorporates a full emission control system which makes the system virtually smoke free. The Ecopaver 400 is manufactured at the company's manufacturing facility located in Kamloops, BC, Canada. With the ever growing world-wide demand for more economical, more environmentally friendly alternatives to rehabilitating the millions of miles of roadways around the world, Ecopave Systems has responded with the Ecopaver 400. With over 25 years of history since the first proto-type was built, many technological advances have been made to the Ecopaver400 making it a cut above all other hot-in-place recycling systems world-wide, paving the way for another 25 years of road rehabilitation using the two stage HIPAR method. The Ecopaver 400 (and earlier versions called the Pyropaver 300E) system is being used in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Sweden, and South Korea. Ecopave Systems Inc. endeavours to distribute the Ecopaver 400 throughout the world, by way of direct sales, leasing, and/or forming strategic partnerships with companies experienced in road rehabilitation.

Company Info

681 Athabasca St. W.
Kamloops, BC V2H 1C5, CA
Toll-free: 877-851-9991
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