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The DustBoss® combines an oscillating ducted fan with a pressurized misting system to create a high performance dust and odor barrier. A single machine can blanket up to 125,000 square feet with a fine mist to attract dust particles and odor droplets, encapsulating them and driving them to the ground. Each unit is available with a variety of options, backed by the industry’s longest warranty: 3 years or 3,000 hours. The flexibility of the DustBoss design makes it well suited for applications in materials recycling, construction and demolition, mining, transfer stations, biomass handling and scrap. Proprietary VPS™ Technology (Variable Particle Sizing) provides superior results by matching droplets to specific dust particle size for optimum performance. Models available for purchase or lease (short- or long-term).

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The new Midget spray nozzles from Dust Control Technology are designed for indoor dust-control applications (such as interior demolition, mining, recycling and transfer stations) where water volume from standard dust-control nozzles might be undesirable.

A new 180-degree oscillation option will quadruple the coverage area of each of Dust Control Technology's two largest dust suppression machines.

Dust Control Technology’s oscillating DustBoss DB-45 can control dust overs as much as 12,000 square feet from a single location. Its 15-horsepower fan moves 18,000 cubic feet of airflow per minute.

DustBoss DB-45 controls airborne particles and surface dust

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