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Bernard has designed and manufactured superior quality MIG guns and consumables for over 60 years, offering premium welding products for the most demanding industrial welding applications.

Customers continually expect durability, precision, and quality from our semi-automatic air-cooled MIG guns, including the Q-Gun™ and S-Gun™ Series to our Dura-Flux Self-Shielded Flux-Cored and Fume Extraction MIG Guns.

Every welding application is different for every welder. That’s why Bernard allows you to configure a custom MIG gun tailored to fit any welding application.

Check out our complete product lineup:

Bernard Q-Gun™, S-Gun™, & W-Gun Series
Bernard Dura-Flux MIG Gun Series
Bernard FILTAIR® Fume Extraction MIG Gun and Clean Air MIG Gun Series
Bernard Centerfire™ and Quik Tip™ Consumable Series
Bernard Shortstub® and Cable Connectors

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Bernard has expanded the handle options from six to seven choices for its BTB Semi-Automatic MIG Gun line.

To meet the demands of heavy-duty welding applications, Bernard offers its T-Gun Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Gun, which, says the company, is durable, straight-handle welding gun that can be built to order online to ensure the features needed to weld in harsh and abusive environments.

MIG gun neck grip and neck coupler improve operator comfort and access to hard-to-reach joints.

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