Compact Tractors New in Bobcat Range

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010
Bobcat CT230 compact tractor
The new Bobcat CT230 compact tractor can handle up to a 68-inch-wide bucket, and the machine measures 56 inches wide (with agricultural tires), 118 inches long, and 96 inches high at the ROPS.

Bobcat recently added three new compact tractors — CT120, CT225 and CT230 — to its product range, and the company promises to add six similar models during 2008. These new tractors, says Bobcat, are sized and powered to be utility performers in a wide diversity of applications.

The new machines feature hydrostatic drive (two-speed on the CT120, three-speed on the CT225 and CT230) and front-wheel assist to provide four-wheel drive in rough going. Maximum forward travel speed is 9.3 mph for the CT120, and 13.1 mph for the two larger models. Brakes are the wet-disc type, and a rear differential lock is standard.

All three of the new machines use three-cylinder, Tier-4-compliant diesel engines, with cubic-inch displacements of 56.6, 85.4 and 91.5, respectively, and horsepower ratings of 20, 27 and 30. Operating weights are 2,055, 3,021 and 3,056 pounds, respectively, and tire options include general purpose, turf and agricultural types.

Each tractor is equipped with a three-point, category I hitch at the rear, and the hitch on the two larger models features telescopic lower link ends, telescopic stabilizers, and crank-type tie rod. All models also are equipped with a shielded rear PTO (540 rpm), and a mid-PTO (2,000 rpm) is optional. Rear PTO horsepower ratings are 14.5, 19.5 and 22.0, respectively. Total hydraulic-pump flow is 7.7 gpm for the CT120 and 12.7 gpm for the CT225 and CT230.

A loader attachment for the front of the new compacts has a rated capacity of 830 pounds for the CT120, and 1,225 pounds for the larger models. Lift heights are 73.5, 84.3 and 84.3, respectively, and bucket widths range from 48 to 68 inches. A backhoe attachment for the trio provides a 77-inch dig depth, with a choice of bucket widths ranging from 9 to 18 inches. Other work tools available include an angle blade, auger, box blade, tine rake, finish mower and seeder.

The roll-over protective structure (ROPS) for these new compacts folds down to make transportation and storage of the tractors more convenient. A fully retractable seat belt comes with the suspension seat, and a safety interlock system allows for neutral start and operation. Other standard features include glow-plug engine preheat, spark-arrestor muffler, cruise control, brake lights, horn and tilting steering wheel. According to Bobcat, the sleek hood and side panels of these new units are made of tough, durable steel and provide superior visibility to the front. Accessories available include rear working lights, side mirror, sunshade and grill guard.