Colorado Stimulus Funding Overview

September 28, 2010

The Colorado Contractors Association is offering a national overview of the stimulus infrastructure funding, along with details of Colorado’s anticipated allotment, on its website.

The Colorado overview is broken down into these sections: Transportation, Water Infrastructure, and Airports.

The Transportation section shows Colorado is slotted to receive $538,669,174, of which $403,924,130 is designated for highways and bridges, and includes a link to the Colorado Department of Transportation Project List.

The association notes that stimulus projects let by CDOT will be designated with project numbers beginning with "ES" (Example: ES10702-283). CDOT began advertising stimulus projects around March 12; the first bid opening of stimulus projects will be on April 2, 2009.

Another section shows the amount Colorado Metro Areas are expected to receive, including Colorado Springs, Denver-Aurora and Fort Collins.

Water Infrastructure

Stimulus money for Colorado’s water infrastructure projects will be used to pay for projects already included in the state’s Intended Use Plan for wastewater and drinking water projects. The associate website contains a link to those projects. Water infrastructure projects are slotted to receive $31,275,981.


Four projects at three Colorado airports have been designed for $20 million, as of March 25. They include:

  • Denver International: $7 million (runway rehabilitation)
  • Denver International: $5 million (apron)
  • Centennial: $4 million (replacement of runways sections and connectors)
  • Aspen/Pitkin: $4 million (improvement of plane parking areas)

To access the Colorado Contractors Association website, go to