C.J. Miller's Dale Warner, CEM, Wins AEMP Fleet Masters Award for 2006

Staff | September 28, 2010

Dale Warner, CEM, and the leadership of C.J. Miller with the 2006 Fleet Masters Award.

C.J. Miller, founded in 1959, has become a full-service site construction company with over 350 employees and over 1,000 pieces of equipment. More importantly, C.J. Miller's fleet-management program, led by Dale Warner, CEM, 2006 Fleet Masters winner, has built an equipment-management program based on the highest tenants of fleet-management principles and practices.

A family-owned business that leads by innovation and example, C.J. Miller is committed to continuous improvement, employee development, and building long-standing relationships with customers and suppliers.

As an example of its success, C.J. Miller experienced the following quantitative improvements in fleet operations through October 2006 over 2005:

  • Total savings to date in equipment-management operations = $3,362,084
  • Equipment availability = +4% to date

C.J. Miller's equipment manager, Dale Warner, CEM, has been a leader in the fleet-management industry for a quarter of a century. A leading member of the Association of Equipment Management Professionals since 1983, many consider Warner the founder of the Certified Equipment Manager (CEM) program, the highest designation that can be earned in off-road fleet management. Warner always felt that equipment technicians and managers were not valued as much as they should have been and feels the CEM has allowed for greater recognition and professionalism in the industry.

"You can find a heart surgeon more easily than you can find a top-quality equipment manager. We are highly trained and critical to the operation of so many organizations. I am proud of the advancement in the fleet-management industry," says Warner.

A 40-year veteran of the fleet-management industry, "Sarge" as Warner is called by many, has led by example throughout his career. Running fleets as large in value as $167,000,000 to leading a team that rebuilt 62 M-1 Tanks leading into Desert Storm, Warner has overcome numerous challenges and enjoyed great success. That experience is now reflected in the fleet operation of this year's Fleet Masters Award winner, C.J. Miller, LLC.

AEMP and Construction Equipment created the Fleet Masters Award to recognize equipment professionals who excel in meeting unique challenges inherent to delivering cost-effective management of mixed fleets of on-road and off-road equipment. This year's recipient, Dale Warner, CEM, and C.J. Miller, LLC, truly represent the best in fleet management today.